The best online second-hand clothing shops

As much as I enjoy shopping second-hand from vintage and charity shops around town,  sometimes it can be a pretty overwhelming and exhausting experience. Sure, it’s fun going through the racks and exploring what’s out there, hoping that pair of vintage high-waist jeans you have been dreaming of for years will magically appear and it will fit you perfectly…Guess what? It probably wont, unless you are really, really lucky, which can happen! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no intention to be negative, but in my experience, when it comes to shopping second-hand, it’s pretty hard to find what you are looking for in one go. It can take a while.

This leads me to my next favourite place to shop second-hand – online!

Why, you might ask?

Thanks to the power of the internet and that magical “filter” button most of the online shops have, you can easily find what what you are looking for in just a second! Online shopping is so much easier when you know exactly what you are after. Sorting by size, brands, colours, styles, key words, price, there are no limits to finding that one special piece you’ve been lusting over.

Can it be done from Switzerland, you might wonder at this point?

Of course it can! There aren’t as many international second-hand shops that deliver here, but there are some to choose from. And it seems like there are quite a few local ones too.

Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the sites I use when I shop online, and some which I have recently discovered and hope to test at some point.


Depop is an app where you can buy, sell or simply discover second-hand, vintage or independent brands fashion! It is super easy to use and you can find almost everything on there. Quite a few Swiss based sellers on there too!

Asos marketplace hosts their online space to more than 750 international independent brands and vintage boutiques. Tested and approved!

As their slogan states it, if it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique, it’s on Etsy! I’ve bought a few unique handcrafted presents from there, and never had any issues!

Dreaming about that special luxury piece your closet is missing? This is the place to find it, for a fraction of it’s original price. They seem to deliver worldwide, even to Switzerland!

ThredUP currently ships to the US and Canada, but apparently they are planning to expand to other countries soon, so fingers crossed they come our way soon!

Another amazing online marketplace for secocnd-hand fashion! Too bad they don’t deliver to Switzerland, but France could be an option if you happen to have a friend living across the border? 😉

Percentil started as an online marketplace for second-hand kids clothes in Spain. Their goal is to promote buying second-hand given the fact that kids grow fast, and their clothes never get enough wear. Today, Percentil offers a platform for adult clothes too. Percentil currently operates in France, Spain and Germany.

  • Facebook Marketplace

A rather obvious one, but very often overlooked! There are so many second-hand shops and groups on Facebook, not just for fashion, but literally for everything! Make sure you check it out next time you are looking for something specific.

Swiss based:

A project founded by two Swiss girlfriends, curating and customising high-quality second-hand garments.Based in Zurich and St. Galen, Switzerland, Ponyhof Vintage ships across the country and worldwide. Just drop them a message for any questions.

Kleiderberg aims to make second-hand fashion the first choice for consumers. Their visions is to reduce fashion waste and become the number one second-hand clothes marketplace in Switzerland. You can also sell your clothes via their site, and if you are too lazy to list them, just arrange a Pick-up shopper service, and they will do all the work for you!

Teorem is an app, simillar to instagram, but for clothes! Most of the listings seem to be based in Suisse romande, so if you are from around the area, not a bad place to start your second-hand shopping journey.

Geneva’s largest high-end designer second-hand shop is also available for browsing online!

Switzerland’s first luxury second-hand online shop, based in Geneva.

  • Bonus sites:

The below listed sites aren’t necessarily dedicated to second-hand fashion only. They are a great place for buying second-hand in general – cars, electronics, clothes, furniture etc. Make sure you bookmark them in your browser if you haven’t used them by now!


Petites Annonces



* Photo by Life Of Pix from Pexels

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. None of the links provided are affiliate.

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