5 ways to get into the Christmas spirit

The holidays are fast approaching, and so is the need to finally take a break from 2019, put our feet up and relax… preferably with a glass of wine in one hand, and the remote control in the other. As lovely as it is to buy gifts for our loved ones, write Christmas cards and plan our holidays, it can also be very tiring and stressful. There so much to be done, and there is never enough time, no matter how early we start planning everything. I don´t know if it´s just me feeling this way, but time seems to be speeding up, almost as if it´s working against us. Every now and then, I find myself overwhelmed by this phenomenon. Then I remember to breathe, look up and around, and try to be present in the moment. The warm Christmas lights, the festive markets, the busy streets of Geneva, remind me how magical this time of the year is. The Holiday spirit is everywhere to be found! If listening to Mariah Carrey and Michael Bublé don´t do the trick for you, then better keep on reading. I´ve curated 5 ways to help you get into the Christmas spirit in no time!

1. Go for a walk around your local Christmas markets

A quick stroll around the Christmas markets will get you in the Christmas spirit in no time! Indulge yourself with some winter delicacies, have a glass of mulled wine and explore the artisanal stands for some local and ethically made products that could be a great gift for your friends and family.

My favourite ones in Geneva are:

  • Le marché de Noël des Bastions (4-31 December)


  • Marché artisanal, local et bio à la Ferme de Budé (13-14 December)


  • Le marché de Noël des artisans créateurs de la Fusterie (1624 December)


  • Le marché de Noël à Carouge (13-15 December)


2. Bake Christmas biscuits and share them with your family, friends and colleagues

Surprise your family, friends or colleagues with freshly baked biscuits. Biscuits make a great homemade gift if you run out of ideas, and they will quickly put you in that festive mood, as well as spark your creativity in the kitchen. My favourite recipes are always the BBC Good Food ones. You can check them out here. 

3. Go ice-skating

Alone, with friends, or your significant other – the choice is all yours! Just dress warm and head to your local ice rink. Ice-skating will revive those sweet childhood memories and make you appreciate the magic of Christmas.

4. Support your local sports team

Whether it’s hockey, football or any other sports event, get a ticket, invite your friends and head over to a local game. Sports events burst with euphoria, and will give you that extra kick of energy you need to get back in the mood for Christmas.

5. Volunteer or make a donation to a charity whose cause you support

Christmas can be tough for many people. If you are fortunate enough to be able to share a bit of your time or resources with the less fortunate, don’t hesitate to call your local charity associations and ask how you can help out. Give a generous tip to your friendly barista, buy a homeless person a hot drink, hold the door for the older lady in your building, are a few of the many simple, random acts of kindness you can perform not only during the festive season, but also on a daily basis to help make the world a better place.

Cover photo by Laura Stanley from Pexels

2 thoughts on “5 ways to get into the Christmas spirit

  1. I feel like in a Christmas movie, straight away from reading it! Love the ideas!! You just totally made feel like going iceskating and do those Christmas biscuits (will try a veg version). And maybe a hot coco too. Mmm. Thank you! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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