Review: Evolve Organic Beauty

This year one of my biggest goals is to improve my shopping habits and minimise my skincare and beauty routine. My bathroom cabinet has always been stuffed with all sorts of products, some of which I’ve only used a few times and forgot about them. Not proud of it. It has taken me ages to finish them. Lesson learned – don’t buy things you already own.

My mission for 2019 is to slowly replace my existing skin care and beauty products with ones that are organic, cruelty free and ethically made.

After browsing the internet for a while, I stumbled upon Evolve Organic Beauty. They had great reviews, and I loved the story behind their brand. Based in Hertfordshire, England, Evolve Organic Beauty´s products are handmade in small batches, ensuring you always get them as fresh as possible. They are cruelty-free, vegan and eco-friendly.

I was happy with my findings, and so, Evolve made it to the top of my Christmas Wish-list and Santa delivered! My Evolve Calm and Bright Christmas Cracker found its way under our Christmas tree. In it, beautifully packed and very aesthetically pleasing were the following products:

I`ll begin with the Daily Defence Moisture Mist, as the routine advised by Evolve recommends you start with it first. Spray the mist on a clean face and let it get absorbed by your skin. This product smells lovely, doesn’t feel sticky at all and it feels very refreshing on the skin. I also use it to fix my make-up and get that glowy, wet skin look that’s super trendy these days. It’s a very versatile product and I absolutely love it.

Once I am done prepping my skin with the mist, I move on with the Hyaluronic Serum. This product is without doubt one of the best things that has ever happened to my skin! It does wonders for fine lines and wrinkles, without leaving sticky or oily residues. Its light and silky consistency leaves my face feeling hydrated, healthy and well taken care off.

Last, but not least is the Daily Renew Facial Cream. This cream is pure heaven. With its dreamy vanilla and coconut fragrances, rich, creamy texture and moisturising properties, the Daily Renew Facial Cream is a game changer for my skin care routine. I personally think that my skin has never looked better thanks to it. I have noticed that my oily areas have improved a lot, and my dry areas, mostly my cheeks, feel very hydrated and smooth. My skin is quite sensitive, and the fact that I haven’t had any breakouts since I started using it, makes me feel very optimistic and excited about exploring the rest of Evolve’s products.

The Christmas Cracker Set is no longer sold, however last time I had a look at their website they had lots of interesting Valentine’s day deals for affordable prices. What a wonderful occasion to treat yourself and show your skin some love 🙂

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and none of the links attached are affiliate.

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