Review: Eye cream by Nonique

Having recently realised that the skin around my eye area needed some extra love, I decided to embark on a journey into the unknown universe of eye creams. The choices were endless. Who would have thought that there are so many eye products out there! I was clueless. Lost. Apart from my daily concealer ritual and the occasional eye mask, I’ve never really used anything else for that area of my face. I didn’t even do any research beforehand… just went for it.

I had noticed that CoopCité has a good range of vegan and natural make-up and skin care, so I decided to start there. I immediately spotted Nonique as I was drawn by its organic branding. Upon further research I found out that Nonique is a German skincare brand that is 100% Vegan and respectful of nature. Values which I very much admire when buying cosmetics – check! I later discovered that the name Nonique is inspired by its main active ingredient extracted from the Caribbean noni fruit. I’ ve never heard about it before, but apparently noni fruit is widely recognized for its medicinal and regenerative value in the skin care market. They combine it with extracts from aloe vera and many other oils from plants and fruits, depending on the product and its use.

Noni Fruit // Morinda Citrifolia

Nonique has a nice variety of skincare products you would need on a daily basis; face creams, shower gels and lip balms are the few among the many others that I remember seeing. And of course, the ever so needed eye cream. There were a few different eye creams, such as energise, intensive moisture etc. , but I went for the anti-aging for sensitive skin one. I wanted something mild and not too aggressive, but also something that will make a difference. My eyes have been looking so tired lately. Is it age, is it waking up early for work and staring at a screen all day, is it a combination of things? Peu importe! I found an eye cream and I was ready to test it! The price was very reasonable, that’s always a plus – double check!

Another great thing about Nonique, apart from its vegan nature, is the fact that it’s PEG, paraben and silicone free, and contains no artificial colouring ingredients or fragrances. All the oils used in the formula are organic and bio certified. From an ethical point of view, Nonique checks all the boxes. When it comes to sustainability however, the cream tube is made of plastic, so I hope they find a way to recycle the empty ones, or come up with a biodegradable storage solution. They seem to be dedicated to being respectful to the environment, so maybe this is something that the Nonique team will eventually implement in their products. Fingers crossed!

Back to the eye cream review…

Later that evening, after having removed my make-up, I applied the eye cream. A little goes  a long way with Nonique. The cream is very rich in texture, and it takes a few moments for it to absorb. You really need to massage it in nicely. But the results are worth it! My skin already looks so much better. I can tell the difference after two weeks of using the cream as pat of my morning and evening routine. My eye area looks much smoother, fresher and moisturised. I am definitely looking forward to continue using this cream and see the long term results from it. Also, I will be trying their other products for sure.


Have you got a good eye cream to recommend? What are your favourite organic skin care brands? Let me know in the comments bellow, I would love to hear what you use.

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