Beyond Beanie: Changing lives one purchase at a time

Beyond Beanie is a social clothing brand that combines fashion with solidarity to help change lives. With every purchase you make you empower a Bolivian artisan and help a child in need.


Co-founded by Hector Alvarez and Paty Lucero in 2014, Beyond Beanie aims to show the colourful spirit of Bolivia to the world, while giving Bolivian women a chance to fight poverty and support their families.


With an estimated 2/3 of  the Bolivian population living below the poverty line, this social company creates meaningful work for female artisans, in an environment where their skills are respected and recognised.

Using their talent by creating carefully crafted beanies, unique ponchos, colourful bags and much, much more, Beyond Beanie’s artisans shape their future hoping for a better tomorrow, for them and their children.

Click here to find out more about Beyond Beanie’s mission and what you can do today to support their cause.

*If you use the code SOCIALLY25 at checkout you will get a 25% discount. Rest assured that the small commission that this code brings, will be donated to an education charity project, as I strongly believe that knowledge is one of the key elements to changing the world.



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